21 August 2005

2 weeks already?

Wow, 2 weeks since my last blog! How time flies.

I dinged 64 this week. /gratz me, I'm now within spitting distance of being as ubah as the most ubah players in late 2002, when Planes of Power was released {grin}. Level 63 was 100% raid XP, which is why it took so long for me to ding 64.

Planar Progression continues...in the last 2 weeks GW and our allies have killed 3 of the 5 Sol Ro Minis - Xuzl and Rizlona remain. I'm now 4 kills from the Elemental Planes - Bertie, Xuzl, Rizlona and Mithanial Marr will face my blade in the weeks to come.

07 August 2005

Rumpus in the Hole

GW stormed The Hole this Sunday afternoon. We took 2 full groups. It was funny how quickly we were able to drop mobs on the front end of the zone, and sickening how dangerous things became after we entered the old city.

We won ENC and SHM Epic 1.0 drops, but my PAL Epic 1.0 drop eluded us. Guess we'll have to go back for that yellow-bellied Keeper of the Tombs when he wakes up from whatever sleep he's been sent to.

For icing on the cake we took down Echo of Nortlav and Guardian of the Seal. The Guardian gave us a real run for our money, including a full wipe when we our tactics laxed during our first attempt at making him dead. For a 2-group raid, he's one mean mutha if you're not on your toes.

Thanks to Gretha Vangrath of GW for leading the charge...

05 August 2005

Stop, drop and roll - RZtW goes down in flames!!

Wow wow wow - that's all there is to say about the Grave Wisdom-hosted, 72-person, average level 65 raid that completely pwned the Rallos Zek the Warlord script last night.

This was GW's first-ever attempt at the big, bad Warlord, and our desire to be tested to our very limits did not go unfulfilled. The Plane of Tactics was decorated with corpses by the time all was said and done, but...one of those corpses was RZtW! /cheer

Congo Rats to all on the raid. Thanks to EoF for leading the charge, and thanks to OOR and AW for providing extra manpower.

Next stop? Maybe Mithanial Marr. Maybe Sol Ro. Whatever it is, it's coming sooner rather than later. Stay tuned....

03 August 2005

Bashin' the Behemoth

The Manaetic Behemoth fell last night under the combined strength of Grave Wisdom, Evolution of Faith and Order of Rage. This would be the 5th time that GW has killed MB. For last night's raid, we had 49 people with an average level of 64. As you can imagine, it was a total cakewalk.

In November of 2004 I developed a pretty complete MB strategy guide with the assistance of the gang in alt.games.everquest. Read that guide here, if you like.

01 August 2005

EverQuest Slang, Acronyms, Lingo

Someone whom shall remain anonymous has started up a Wiki on EverQuest Slang, Acronyms, Lingo. Check it out and please contribute your knowledge.