08 January 2006

Another try...

WOW! It's been 4 months since my last entry. I guess I'll make another try at keeping things up-to-date.

Let's see, in the last 4 months I've dinged level 70, and I now have 87AA which includes most of the PoP defensive and mitigation AAs. Most of my experience since 66 has been earned by doing endless repetitions of the DoD Fairies mission...the quick, 15-minute mission followed by 25 minutes of downtime dovetails nicely with my RL availability. But, when time permits, I forgo the Fairies for a Creator mission or an MPG pickup group.

I've done a lot of shopping in the bazaar, particularly for Radiant Crystals, which have then been used to buy Dragons of Norrath equipment and augmentations. By far my juciest purchase was a Radiant Celestine of Sight, which gives me worn Plainsight (nightvision as strong as Ultravision, and See Invis). Now I don't have to beg Ultravision off every ENC that I encounter.

The result of all this leveling and shopping is that I now have 6.4kHP and 1500AC unbuffed, and I buff to 10.3kHP and 1750AC. Not bad for a casual player's toon who was only 64 and 6.5kHP buffed in August of this year.

I finally completed my Epic 1.0 in a furious blast through The Hole and Plane of Fear with my friend Gbab, a Troll Shaman with Precision Strike. One of many memories from that experience: Cazic Thule popping literally on top of me while I was chasing a fleeing MOB. For some reason I was able to get out of aggro range before he knew I was there. But talk about your heart-attack moments!

And the biggest news is that I'm now Elemental flagged. It seems like it's been forever since my first Manaetic Behemoth event. Big ups to Grave Wisdom for helping me through the progression.

Now, Quarm beckons....


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