07 August 2005

Rumpus in the Hole

GW stormed The Hole this Sunday afternoon. We took 2 full groups. It was funny how quickly we were able to drop mobs on the front end of the zone, and sickening how dangerous things became after we entered the old city.

We won ENC and SHM Epic 1.0 drops, but my PAL Epic 1.0 drop eluded us. Guess we'll have to go back for that yellow-bellied Keeper of the Tombs when he wakes up from whatever sleep he's been sent to.

For icing on the cake we took down Echo of Nortlav and Guardian of the Seal. The Guardian gave us a real run for our money, including a full wipe when we our tactics laxed during our first attempt at making him dead. For a 2-group raid, he's one mean mutha if you're not on your toes.

Thanks to Gretha Vangrath of GW for leading the charge...


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