27 July 2005

Make Haste, Lay Waste

An all-Grave Wisdom raid took down Xanamech Mizfarthen (aka Robozilla) in the Plane of Innovation last night. It was a very easy kill, which is what you'd expect from a guild with our firepower. But it punctuates just how strong we've grown since the last time we met Xanamech, when he spent most of the evening wiping the floor of his arena with our bodies.

One of the drops was a Woven Shim Choker, with 41% worn haste. I've been wearing a 34% item for years, so this is a respectable upgrade. I dumped a load of DKP into the bid and won the drop. It's a neck-slot piece which replaced my Honorary Amulet which I won in a roll on a recent Aerin`Dar raid...

So, I gave up some HP, AC and other stats for 7% more worn haste. But now I can toss my 34% worn-haste Spiked Seahorse Hide Belt in favor of something tradeable which can help make up for the lost AC. And, the sky's the limit if I try to hunt down something no-drop!


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