27 July 2005

Viola! Fiery Avenger!

After literally years of collecting rare items, and a couple of hours work generating good faction through camping a tedious hand-in cycle in Odus, I am now The Rathe's newest owner of the Paladin Epic 0.5 - the Fiery Avenger!!

A great many thanks are due to the members of GW, especially Mekanaras, Gretha, Grokus, Khetan and Runesane, and to my friend Gbab of Precision Strike. NO WAY could I have done it without your help.

This leaves me with 2 steps to complete in the Paladin Epic 1.0 quest:

The Keeper of The Tombs in The Hole must be killed for his loot, and I must travel to The Plane of Fear for the final hand-in. I'll post news of my further adventures here.


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