27 April 2006

Progression Server Announced

Rashere has announced SOE's intention to create a Progression Server. Gameplay will commence in the original world zones, with only original world equipment, spells and character models, and progress through the storyline to Prophecy of Ro.

Since all of the game strat is very well-developed, I bet it that a hardcore guild such as AfterLife or Blood of the Spider will only need about 2 weeks to gear up and open Velious. After that I think it will be another month to open the Planes of Power. Quarm will fall within 4 months after the server goes live. Once the hypothetical guild is geared with Time lewtz, they'll blast through the "uber" expansions very quickly. I'm willing to bet that they'll be in PoR 9 months after the server goes live.

Epics? The real push will be to get the droppable gear. The epics that are earned on this server won't start appearing until progression slows down.

I wonder what the server economy will be like? I imagine that EC, and later Bazaar prices, will be sky-high for years, until enough players get to a high-enough level to trivialize VT and 3rd-tier Elemental gear.


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